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Cell Group Project

Page history last edited by Casey Lattanzio 9 years, 6 months ago

Group Cell Project


Choose one of the following activities to complete in class with a partner.


Choice 1:

Create a Super Hero Body Cell: (skin, brain, heart, nerve, blood, muscle, liver. etc.)


You must create a colorful poster size drawing of the cell in its super hero costume 

 Your cell has to have a Super hero name.

 Type a written bio that includes details about the type of cell and its abilities .


ex.  Dynamic Dermo (skin cell) only lives three weeks, but it has the super -power to fend off bacteria, shield sunrays, and keep the body temperature steady.


Choice 2:

Compose your own cell theory rap.  It must teach about cells and include 20 of the 24 vocabulary words from Vocab # 5 & 6. (vocab lists are in Unit C main page in wiki)

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