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black history month


Biography of an African American Sicentist



Due by END of month

Science Period __________________ 

Name of Scientist ___________________________________________ 


Life of Scientist:

  1.  Write a summary about the life of the scientist.  Include in your summary basic facts about the person, such as when and where they were born, where they grew up and where they were educated.  Also include important family information. ( half a page typed)


     2. Describe any event or person that influenced this person during their life. (4 -5 sentences)

     3. What were the significant contributions made by this scientist?  (4-5 sentences)

     4. What obstacles did this person face in their life?  (4-5 sentences)

     5. How have we benefited as a result of this person’s contributions? (4-5 sentences)

     6. If you could meet this person, what is one question you would ask him/her? (1 sentence)

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