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Activity 4

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Activity 4: Testing medicines Scientifically



  1.  The role of the FDA

-        Food and Drug Administration

-        Test on lab animals first then clinical trials are held

-        Has to be BOTH safe & effective


  1.  Informed Consent 

-        A form that states that the person has been told (informed) about the risks and that they agree (consent) to participate in the trial.


  1.  Treatment and Control Groups

-        Placebo—inactive ingredient—used as the control

-        Placebo groups help prove that it is actually the medicine that is making the improvement


  1.  The Placebo Effect 

-        People who get better even though they did not take the actual medicine

-        Explanation- getting the medical care in general can improve health

-        Explanation- Psychological effect- mind plays tricks on you

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